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Russian Foundation for Basic Researches (RFBF)

Novosibirsk State technical University, Novosibirsk, Russia

Institute of Semiconductor Devices after A.V. Rzhanov, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia




Honorary Chairman: Anatoliy A. Bataev, Dr. Sc., Professor, Rector of NSTU,

Chairman: Vladimir A. Haisler , Dr. Sc., Professor, SDME Department Head, NSTU,




Co-Chairs: Igor G. Neizvestniy ,Corresponding Member RAS, Dr. Sc., Counselor, ISP SB RAS,

Viktor A. Gridchin, Dr. Sc., Professor, Honorary Member of Russian High School, Dept. SDME NSTU,


Vice-chairs: Aleksandr S. Berdinskiy ,Cand. Sc., Associate Prof., SDME Dept., NSTU,

Aleksandr V. Gridchin,Cand. Sc., Associate Prof., SDME Dept., NSTU,




Chairman: Anatoliy A. Bataev, Dr. Sc., Professor, Rector of NSTU.

Co-Chairs: Anatoliy V. Dvurechenskiy ,Corresponding Member RAS, Dr. Sc., Vice-director of ISP SB RAS,

Eugeniy B. Tsoi, Dr. Sc., Professor, Prorector of NSTU on international contacts,

Vladimir A. Kolchuzhin, Dr.-Ing., Munich, Germany.




Scientific Group (program committee):

Co-chairs: Vladimir A. Bataev ,Dr.Sc., Professor (Section 2 'Nanomaterials'), NSTU Dept. of Machinery,

Viktor A. Gridchin, Dr.Sc., Professor (Sections 1 and 3 'Nanotechnologies' and 'Mictro- and Nanosystems Technologies), SDME Dept., NSTU.


Publishing Group (Conference volume of proceedings):

Chairman: Polina V. Yatskevich , Director of NSTU Publishing House,

Responsible Person: Aleksandr S. Berdinskiy , Cand. Sc., Associate Prof., SDME Dept., NSTU


Presse Group (Contact with Mass Media):

Chairman: Marina A. Bovtenko , Director of NSTU Information Services,


Financial Group (Work with accounts):

Responsible Preson: Dmitriy I. Ostertak , Cand. Sc., Associate Prof., SDME Dept., NSTU.


Services department (contact with conference participants):

: Aleksandr V. Gridchin , Cand. Sc., Associate Prof., SDME Dept., NSTU,




Providing the possibility for quick and effective acquaintance of young specialists with modern achievements of leading scientific schools from various universities and research institutes worldwide.




Young scientists until 35 years old, graduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral students.




Professors, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, Heads of Labs and Departments, Chief Designers, Directors of Research and Industrial Organizations.




Work languages for the Conference and Seminar are Russian and English. Presentations should be prepared as Power Point files (.PPT and .PPTX). !




         Section 1. Nanotechnologies.

         Section 2. Nanomaterials.

         Section 3. Micro- and Nanosystems Technologies.


Section description:


Section 1. This section will be devote3d to the questions of physics of semiconductor micro- and nanostructuresm their technologies for preparing and their perspectives of application.

Section 2. This section will be devoted to the questions of technology, physical properties and perspectives of practical application of micro- and nanopowder materials, as well as investigations of thin structure of metal materials.

Section 3. Thus section will be devoted to the questions of designing, measutement and application of micro- and nanosystems.


Country Rest House 'Sedova Zaimka' is placed in pine natural forest, 40 km to the north of Novosibirsk, near the Ob river, and is accessable with standard river transport. A cool of pine natural forest in a hot summer day will give the perticipants a possibility to have the pleasant summer rest. The equipment for presentation of reports like computers, projectors and printers will be available for reporters. A free atmosphere of communication between participants will provide the possibility to exchange by scientific experience. A piver passenger ship will carry all participants and quests to the venue of the Conference and come back. A various sport events, like tennis, billiard, volley-ball will be available for participants and guests. As well, it will be possible to visit the Russian Sauna and to make the river trip with motor boat or canoe. A banquet and firework will be organized after finishing the Conference.

A summer temperature in June is about +25, a water temperature is abour +20. Due to favorable conditions you will not only have the possibility to work fruitfully but also to relax.




A Volume of Proceedings (VoP) of NMST-2016 will be printed in English, in solid copy (PRN) and on CD disc (CDR) with ISBN or ISSN numbers, and will be included into Scopus index of citation. A volume of paper should no exceed 5 pages, including pictures and tables. A quality of pictures should be camera-ready.

A presentations of invirted lectures can be published in the CDR version of VoP as well. Such presentations should be sent to the Organizing Committee not later than June 12, 2016.

A total number of printed copies will be equals to the total number of ordered copies. To order a printed copy, please mark it in the Application Form (AF) which is available on this web-site. Additional printed copies will be available in the NSTU Publishing House, see price list via or mail to




For participation in the Conference all potential perticipants should fill the Application Form (AF), placed on this web-site (http://nmst.conf.nstu. ru). Author should defibe the section and the aim of his participation. A deadline for submitting the AF is March 27, 2016.

All reports should be submitted to the chairman of the section, selected by author and copy to the Service department of the Conference. All reports should contain the results of original and not yet published scientific research, prepared as a scientific paper. The rules for preparing the text of report is given in the specimen (in this web-site).

The text of paper, prepared for publication should highlight the essence of scientific research and personal participation of author in the research. The reports with low scientific level will be rejected. All papers should be submitted as .DOC or .DOCX files. The papers submitted as .PDF files will be returned for preparing the .DOC file. A deadline for submitting the paper is May 27, 2016.

After submitting the paper and considering it by the Program Committee the author should receive the official acceptance message and status of registered participant.




Registration fee for participation in NMST-2016 Conference have Early Bird registration, Normal registration and Last registration:

Early Bird (until April 27, 2016) 4500 RUB.

Normal (until May 27, 2016 5000 RUB.

Last (until June 27, 2016 5500 RUB.


Authors of papers accepted for publication should pay the registration fee via bank transfer to the Banks account of the Novosibirsk State Technical University. The Banks information can be provided to the author by the representative of the Organizing Committee.




March 27 2016 . deadline for submission the AF.

April 27 2016 . deadline for Early Bird registration.

May 27 2016 . deadline for submission the full version of the report and Normal registration.

June 12 2016 . deadline for submission the presentations and edited versions of reports.

June 27 2016 . deadline for Last registration.




For the questions about including the papers into the VoP please contact the Scientific Group of Technical Committee, and speak with Chairs of appropriate Sections.


For the questions about VoP and the price for PRN version please contact with Publishing Group of Technical Committee.


For the questions of official Conference Web-site please contact with Press Group of the Conference or to Service department of the Conference.


For financial questions please contact with Financial Group of Technical Committee.


For the questions of participation of foreign participants please contact with Co-Chair of International Organizing Committee, Professor Eugeniy B. Tsoi (see above).


For such questions as registration of participants, transportation to the Country Rest House 'Sedova Zaimka' and come back, accommodation, work of sections, meals, cultural program and for all uncleared questions please contact with Services department of the Conference.


Addresses and phones of NSTU persons indicated in this Call for papers are available on the official NSTU portal:, in 'Search' division.


Addresses and phones of ISP SB RAS personsm indicated in this Call for papers are available in ISP SB RAS web-site, in 'Search' division.




Time of work of Organizing Committee and Technical Committee persons is Mo.-Fr., 10 a.m. 6 p.m., lunch 2 3 p.m.

Time of work of Services department is Mo.-Fr., 9 a.m. 8 p.m., Sa. 10 a.m. 6 p.m., lunch 2 3 p.m.

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