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Rules for payment of the registration fee
1. By cash through the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU)
1.1. The Organizing Committee prepares the payment order (contact address see below)
1.2. The participant makes the payment to the NSTU local Bank and receives the bank receipt. The payment should be made in Russian rubles using the recent USD/RUB exchange rate established by Organizing Committee.
1.3. The participant makes a copy of bank receipt and submits this copy to representative of the Organizing Committee.

2. By direct transfer
2.1. The Organizing Committee prepares an Invoice.
2.2. The Organizing Committee sends an Invoice to the participant, who should make the payment using this invoice through the local Bank or submit this invoice to the organization, which covers his/her participation.
2.3. participant or his/her organization makes the payment.
2.4. A copy of bank receipt received by the participant (in the case of personal payment) or his/her organization (in the case of any kind of financial covering) should be submitted to the Organizing Committee as a scanned file via e-mail.

Possible sources of financial support for participants
1. From organizations and foundations.

1.1. From local national professional organization

For receiving the financial support from a local national professional organization the participant should be a member of such organization and should receive the consent of this organization to this kind of financial support.

1.2. From any national/international foundation

As an example of the foundation for participation in the NMST-2016 Conference the participant can consider Deutsche Academische Auslanderdienst (DAAD), which offers European students the opportunity to participate in the program 'Go to the East' and other programs. DAAD can provide the financial support for participation of European students in the NMST-2016 Conference and other scientific events held in the Eastern Europe countries including Russia.

2. Supporting from Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU)
Such kind of support may be provided on the basis of any joint project or grant and should be mutually beneficial. The financial supporting of the participant from the local resources of the NMST-2016 Organizing Committee is possible only if the NMST-2016 Conference receives the governmental funding from the Government of the Russian Federation and will be very selective.

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